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Positively impact the academic, cultural and educational climate of Portugal by providing leadership for consistent art research and art knowledge support thus fostering research on Art, Design, Art Heritage, and Art Education, engaging more and finer researchers, and reaching wider audiences, present and future.



Arts changed the world since early mankind. Through arts, its processes and interactions, it is our task to enable future grounds for advanced and better societies, incorporating its continuous and dynamic creation and change, without forgetting its nurture, education and preservation. Art is an invaluable resource that can contribute to a more balanced citizenship, highlighting awareness on inclusion and sustainability, on environment and heritage, and also fostering the new economies of art and creative industries, gathering style, design, creativity, entrepreneurship, social awareness and engagement, and so providing a broader universal humanistic knowledge and wellbeing.



The CIEBA establishes itself as a producer and disseminator of academic, scientific and creative discourses, in the various audio visual art fields, contributing with acquisitions and research practices ‘About art’, ‘Through Art’ and ‘For Art’.

In the ‘About Art research’ we can find studies based on the History of Arts and Design, Aesthetic Philosophy, Visual Culture, Curatorial practices and Critical Theory, Image Theory.

In the discourses ‘Through Art’, the possibilities of intervention, education and training, formal and informal, are explored, including institutional education (general education) and vocational education (nurturing prospective artists), as well as advanced training (post graduations) to which we can add intervention in society (with the fostering of new audiences, the education and taste formation, the exhibition, the museum and new museology approaches, interventions, collaborative expressions). Here, too, the arts come across artistic uses in the industrial and communicative formats (such as Industrial and Product Design, Communication Design, Interface Design, New Media).

In the research ‘For Art’ we include the patrimonial safeguard (museology, curatorship, conservation and restoration, studies and research actions on heritage and art remains) as well as the permanent construction of the artistic and cultural heritage of the nation (through creation of artistic and cultural works, through its valorization and dissemination).